Passenger with COVID-19 symptoms are asked to refrain from touring with us. Whilst missing a tour can be disappointing, for the safety of both passengers and staff we ask that you do not join us.  We understand that flu symptoms can display overnight, however we ask that you give us as much notice as possible if you need to make a cancellation. There is no cancellation fee for any passengers not able to partake due to COVID-19 symptoms. 


Our booking office displays signs for safe social distancing and hand sanitiser is provided. Regular cleaning of frequently touched areas is undertaken. 

Maximum 16 customers are allowed within the booking office at one time, we ask that once you have checked in for your tour you wait outside the building for further instruction. Regular cleaning of frequently touched areas is undertaken. 

Our jackets undergo a cleaning and rotational system which means that jackets are hung and dried for a minimum of 48 hours in-between use. Whilst we do recommend our Burke ¾ length sailing jackets for passengers, we understand if you may wish to use your own, please keep in mind just how cold in can get out on the water, many passenger wear our jackets on top of their own. 

Passengers are asked to keep a 1.5m distance from each other during pre-boarding and boarding of vessel. Frequently touched areas of our vessel will be cleaned and disinfected before every tour. Alcohol-based hand sanitiser is provided both within our booking office and also onboard the vessel. 

Whilst physical distancing rules are not possible on board the vessel, we are an open air tour. Where practical passengers will be assigned seats to help minimise contact with others. Face masks are available at our booking office for any passenger who wishes to wear one. There is no cancellation fees for any passenger who finds that upon arrival and inspection of the vessel they are not comfortable to travel. 

Our skipper and crew are well informed about and apply regular hand washing and / or sanitising routines. If the skipper or crew display any cold or flu-like symptoms, the upcoming tours will be canceled and a full refund will be issued. Tours will only be resumed once the staff have been tested for COVID-19 and returned a negative result.