Bay of Fires Eco Tours allows you to experience the Bay of Fires at its finest, the white sandy beaches, aqua clear clean waters, hidden bays and striking headlands of this breathtakingly beautiful coastline are all best experienced from the water.

During these natural eco experiences, you have the chance to see an abundance of exquisite sea life in their natural environment.

The ‘Bay of Fires’ is our main tour which departs each morning, we also have two other tour options, ‘The Gardens’ and ‘St Helens Island’ which run in the afternoon and evenings on a demand basis.

Customised and groups tours are available and regularly undertaken, please contact our friendly staff to discuss you specific needs.

Tour Schedule

‘Bay of Fires’ tour departs between 9:30 and 10am depending on the time of year. The tours is approximately 3 hours in duration and covers the full Bay of Fires coastline.

The weather and sea conditions can sometime require us to run a shorter tour in place of the full Bay of Fires experience. Whilst we understand this can be disappointing for some passengers, this decision is always made with passenger comfort and safety in mind.

‘The Gardens’ and ‘St Helens Island’ tours generally depart in the afternoons, at 2pm, the seas conditions on the day can mean that we opt to do the alternate tour than which you have booked. Once again we understand this can be disappointing, however we make these decisions with your best interests at heart.

If we know ahead of time that we will not be able to undertake our full Bay of Fires Tour, you will most likely see a shorter Garden Tour schedule for morning departures, normally around 10am.

Rest assured, if we can conduct the tour on which you have booked we will do so. Changes are only made when required, however sometimes need to be made at short notice or even mid tour, your understanding is appreciated.