Borders have opened and visitors are returning to our beautiful state. At present our tours remain on a reduced schedule, departing approximately 4 times per week, with additional tours to be added as demand increases.

The Gardens Explorer tour remains our most popular, this tour is two hours is duration and covers the southern half of the Bay of Fires coastline, where the history and natural beauty is highlighted as we traverse our way north along the Bay of Fires Conservation Area.

The 2021/2022 season will see the revival of our tour to St Helens Island, with a revamped name; Sand, Seals and St Helens Island and an extended route. This tour is also approximately 2 hours in duration and will be run approximately once a week. Although this tour includes just the very southern beaches of the Bay of Fires, St Helens Island is home to our small seal colony and gives guest a great option for viewing sea life.

Our schedule is completed with the inclusion of the Sloop Rock Express tour. This tour will be run in the afternoons during our busier times and also on occasion when the summer tidal conditions prevent us from conducting longer tours. If you don’t see the Gardens Explorer tour available on your preferred date, perhaps try the Sloop Rock Express for a thrilling one hour tour, taking in our beautiful beaches, lichen covered boulders and the famous Sloop Rock!


Weather permitting, we always endeavour to offer an offshore experience, giving guests a panoramic view of the coastline, just as the early explorers would have encountered when they first set eyes on our white sandy shores. Different times of year bring a diverse range of sea life, including Humpback and Southern Right Whales, Dolphins, Fur Seals, Pelicans, Albatross, Pacific Gulls, Shearwaters and Sea Eagles, although our tours are landscape based and sea and bird life encounters are never guaranteed.

The weather and sea conditions can sometime require us to run a shorter tour in place of those scheduled. Whilst we understand this can be disappointing for some passengers, this decision is always made with passenger comfort and safety in mind. Tidal conditions can also impact our tour schedules, please pay close attention to the departure time when making your booking, as schedules are varied based on the water levels at our dock.

Rest assured, if we can conduct the tour on which you have booked we will do so. Changes are only made when required, however sometimes need to be made at short notice or even mid tour, your understanding is appreciated.

Due to the high running costs of our tours, we do require a minimum 6 adult passengers to conduct a tour and will contact passenger the evening before tour departure if these numbers have not been met.

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